Board Members Re-election of Carl Bennet, Anders G Carlberg, Sverker Martin-Löf, Marianne Nivert, Anders Nyrén and Matti Sundberg. New-election of Olof Faxander and Lars Westerberg. Sverker Martin-Löf was appointed Chairman of the Board. Dividend The General Meeting resolved upon payment of a dividend of SEK 9.00 kronor per share. Payment through VPC is expected to take place on 2 May 2006. Redemption of SSAB shares The offer regarding the redemption of SSAB shares is being implemented as planned and entails, in brief, the following: • One redemption right per share, with each twenty redemption rights providing an entitlement to redeem one share. • SEK 485 in cash will be received for each redeemed share. • Each shareholder is invited to sell a maximum of 2,000 redemption rights free of commission charges. Timetable for the redemption offer • SSAB shares are listed exclusive of redemption rights commencing 24 April 2006. • The record date for receipt of redemption rights is 26 April. • An information brochure regarding the offer will be distributed to directly-registered shareholders and placed on SSAB’s ( and Handelsbankens’ ( websites on or about 28 April. • The application period for redemption of shares is 2 May - 29 May. • The final date for applications for commission-free sales of redemption rights is 16 May. • Trading in redemption rights will take place during the period 2 May - 23 May. • Payment regarding commission-free sales on or about 30 May. • Payment of redemption proceeds will take place on or about 19 June. Bonus issue To restore the share capital after the redemption the General Meeting resolved upon a bonus issue of SEK 120,935,649.80. No new shares shall be issued in the bonus issue. Share split The General Meeting resolved upon a share split whereby each share shall be split into three shares of the same class. The share split is estimated to be implemented and registered before the end of June 2006. New President In connection with the General Meeting, Olof Faxander assumes office as the new President and CEO in succession to Anders Ullberg who goes into retirement.