Rolling mill stoppage at SSAB Oxelösund On Tuesday, one of the two main motors in the Oxelösund four-high rolling mill was seriously damaged. Based on a preliminary evaluation of the breakdown, the stoppage is estimated to last three weeks. The damage was caused by overheating in the rotor of the motor, the poles of which now must be repaired. It has not yet been possible to determine why the overheating occurred. Each of the two main motors has a power of slightly more than 11 MW. The rotor, measuring 2.5 meters, has a diameter of 1.5 meters The repair work has begun. As far as possible, measures have been taken to secure contracted deliveries. Alternative producers are being contacted for the provision of replacement materials. Possibilities for changes in delivery plans and postponement of sub-orders are being investigated in cooperation with customers. The financial consequences of the damage are covered by insurance. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: