In July 2022, SSAB Oxelösund rolled the first steel produced in the world.
In July 2022, SSAB Oxelösund rolled the first steel produced in the world.

How SSAB is changing the game with sustainable steel production

If you think sustainable steel production sounds like a contradiction in terms you probably have a point. Or, at least, you would have had – until Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB decided it was time for a change.

Steel is everywhere – from our buildings to our cars, our medical equipment, household appliances, railways, and bridges. Now, thanks to a new pioneering approach to sustainable steel production, SSAB is on track to make the delivery of quality steel with largely no carbon footprint a reality in 2026.  

But why the rush, you may wonder? It turns out that, even with the most efficient traditional CO2 blast furnaces – and SSAB’s have some of the lowest global emissions – modern society cannot survive without steel. And quite frankly this isn’t great for the planet – at least not in its current form. For while steel itself is strong, durable and recyclable, the industry that produces it is one of the leading contributors to the climate crisis. At current levels accounting for, no less than, 7 percent of total CO2 emissions globally.


What is fossil-free steel from SSAB?

SSAB has long been a frontrunner when it comes to sustainability, which is why they have devised an ambitious plan to support a sustainable future by not only offering fossil-free steel to the market in 2026, but also largely eliminating CO2 emissions from its own operations in around 2030.

With partners LKAB and Vattenfall, SSAB has invented the world’s first fossil free steelmaking technology with largely no carbon footprint. Known as HYBRIT the project seeks to reduce Sweden’s CO2 emissions by 10 percent and Finland’s by 7 percent.


Why sustainable steel production now?

The days when sustainability was little more than an afterthought tagged onto the end of a CSR report are long gone. Time is running out for the planet and future-focused companies need to act now if they want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

SSAB’s high-strength steels already enable its customers to achieve significant CO2 savings by reducing emissions across the value chain. And SSAB’s fossil-free steel will, in the future, enable its customers to reduce these even further, safe in the knowledge their products are manufactured from premium material using only fossil free energy sources.


The future’s here. So, what can you do?

SSAB is revolutionizing steelmaking. By investing in fossil-free steel from SSAB you too can be part of the transition to a fossil free future. Companies that quickly implement sustainable solutions will achieve a strong competitive edge in the market.

On our journey towards a fossil-free future, we want to offer our customers steel that is made using fossil-free electricity before our fossil-free steel is available on the market in 2026. This is why SSAB
Zero™, our scrap-based steel with no carbon emissions, is available from 2023.


Be a sustainable steel production early adopter!

It’s time to discover more about the transition towards a fossil free society. That way, the next time someone asks if the steel industry really can contribute to a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world, you will have the confidence to spread the word and help drive the change to a better future.

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