Let’s go sustainable

SSAB is an official partner of Expo Dubai 2020 exhibition. The theme for the exhibition is Co-creation for innovation. Learn more on how we together with partners and customers successfully co-create for new sustainable solutions.

SSAB’s Sustainability Strategy

SSAB want to become the first fossil-free steel company in the world, therefore, our vision is at the core of our entire operation. In everything we do, we strive to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. Sustainability is a key business driver for both us and our customers. Consequently, we put much effort into ensuring that we act in an ethical and environmentally sound way in all our operations and markets.

First in fossil free steel

Use better steel

SSAB is committed to minimizing any adverse environmental impacts from our operations. Therefore, SSAB focuses on continuous improvement to minimize emissions and improve productivity, as well as material and energy efficiency. SSAB’s blast furnace-based production is among the most CO2 efficient in the world. This gives a competitive advantage to SSAB and its customers. For example, our cold-rolled steel production emits approximately 6% less CO2e than the European average and as much as 17% less than the Chinese average.

Use steel better

The core of SSAB’s business is to develop and produce Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) and Quenched & Tempered (Q&T) steels that are stronger than ordinary steels. This in turn enables our customers to produce lighter and stronger products, thereby reducing their environmental footprint.

By using SSAB’s high-strength steels, which result in lower weight and improved fuel economy, customers can achieve significant CO2 savings during their end products’ use-phase. The objective is that, by the end of 2021 (earlier 2020, pushed back due to Covid-19 impacts), these annual customer CO2 savings will reach 10 million tonnes, which equals SSAB´s own direct CO2 emissions.

Go fossil free

SSAB works toward a fossil-free steelmaking process through the HYBRIT initiative and by eliminating other fossil related emissions, with a goal to offer fossil-free steel to the market in 2026. In cooperation with LKAB, our iron ore supplier, and Vattenfall our energy provider, we form a fossil-free value chain. In 2020, we started discussions to partner with key customers and stakeholders for future fossil-free steel shipments.