Sustainability and high-strength steel
Sustainability and high-strength steel

Sustainability and high-strength steel

SSAB offers customers a broad range of high-strength and wear-resistant steels that enable better energy and material efficiency, as well as strength and durability for the applications in which they are used. Lighter vehicle weight also means higher payload capacity and improved fuel economy.

Optimized weight and fuel consumption in the transportation segment

The environmental and financial advantages of using high-strength steels are significant in active construction applications such as trailers, trucks, materials handling and lifting equipment, and construction machinery. Used in these applications, SSAB’s high-strength steels reduce the weight of vehicle structures by enabling minimum steel thickness through new structural design.

Structural redesign can also reduce production costs, e.g., through less welding and improved usability. Lower vehicle weight leads to increased payload capacity and lower fuel consumption adand emissions. For example, the weight of trailer bodies made with SSAB’s high-strength steels can be reduced by up to 30% compared to using traditional steel grades.

In applications such as lifting equipment where high load-bearing capacity is required, the use of high-strength steel enables stronger designs. At the same time, structural wall thickness is reduced, resulting in material weight savings which can lead to lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Automotive manufacturers are also calling for lightweight, durable materials with beneficial environmental properties that are manufactured with resource efficiency. SSAB’s cold-rolled advanced high-strength steels help to make it possible to develop safer and lighter vehicles with lower emissions.

Our advanced high-strength steels have been especially engineered for safety applications in cars with stringent requirements for reduced weight and high energy absorption.

Prolonged service life of machinery and equipment

SSAB’s wear steels are Quenched and Tempered (Q&T) steels that are used in a range of machinery and equipment in mining, quarrying, recycling and road building segments. All of these applications require the hardness and toughness that are characteristic of Q&T steels.

Use of Q&T steels in buckets, crushers, blades, shredders and tippers provides greater wear resistance, which in turn improves machinery performance and extends service life. Additionally, lighter weight machinery offers cost benefits to end-users and reduces the environmental impact over the machinery’s lifecycle.

Improved energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness with coatings

SSAB develops new functional surface coatings that lower energy consumption and maintenance costs, improve surface durability and extend the lifespan of buildings. There are several coatings that contribute to more environmentally friendly and sustainable construction.

Thermal coatings reflect solar radiation when used on the building’s exterior and thermal radiation when used on the building’s interior leading to decreased energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Some coatings are partly based on plant oil instead of traditional fossil oil – a technology that has been patented by SSAB and is unique in the market. The result is an improved coated steel product, with a prolonged service lifetime and reduced environmental footprint.

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