Responsible sourcing

It is important for us that our suppliers act responsibly, and that they comply both with SSAB’s standards and with international sustainability guidelines in order to remain qualified suppliers.

Efficient and responsible sourcing of goods and services

SSAB sources products, materials and services from approximately 20,000 suppliers in more than 60 different countries. This includes raw materials such as scrap, iron ore and coal but also maintenance services and spare parts.

Sustainability is an integrated aspect of our sourcing operations and supply chain management. We assess suppliers based on quality, delivery performance, cost and sustainability.

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SSAB Supplier Sustainability Policy

  • Based on UN Global compact principles
  • Includes requirements on labor and human rights, health and safety, anti-corruption and the environment. Ensures that SSAB collaborates with suppliers who share our values.
  • Applies to all suppliers providing products and services
  • SSAB reserves the right to conduct reviews or onsite audits to ensure compliance.
  • All new or updated contracts from 2017 and onward refer to the Supplier Sustainability Policy or similar, and the same reference is included in our purchase orders.

Identification and evaluation of supplier risks

SSAB classifies first-tier suppliers based on a risk assessment, using, for example, risk indices for human rights, political and environmental risks per specific region and Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions index. Suppliers identified as medium- or high-risk suppliers must complete a self-assessment containing questions about their governance, social conditions and environmental performance. SSAB investigates and follows up on identified areas of non-compliance.



Being a supplier to SSAB comes with a great responsibility within everything from sustainability and safety to working with cost improvements. Whether you are an existing or potential supplier you can find more about this and many other procurement related topics here.