Zero tolerance for bribery and corruption

SSAB has zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. Our target is to ensure ethical conduct in line with our corporate culture and to increase knowledge about our Code of Conduct and our Ethics Line, where employees can raise concerns.


SSAB has zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and this is clearly communicated from top management. One top priority is to ensure ethical conduct in line with SSAB`s corporate culture and increase knowledge about the Code of Conduct and the Ethics Line.

How we measure progress:

  • Share of employees who have access to the Ethics Line
  • Share of new employees covered by the onboarding process; including signing the Code of Conduct statement and e-learning in business ethics
  • Share of employees who have completed global e-learning in business ethics

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is approved by the Board of Directors and is our ethical compass and outlines guidelines for how all employees are expected to behave in relation with stakeholders and in the market. The Code of Conduct covers areas such as health and safety, environment, employee relations, human rights and business practices.

Our Code of Conduct can be found here

E-learning in business ethics

All employees are expected to comply with SSAB´s Code of Conduct, the governing document for anti-corruption, and to have knowledge of how to report non-compliances through the Ethics Line. Communication and training are organized through a global e-learning module for all employees in order to provide training, available in six languages, in business ethics and to implement anti-corruption efforts.

Tone from the top

SSAB’s top management has an important role to promote a corporate culture where business ethics is embedded in all aspects of our business. In addition to the global e-learning in business ethics, all top managers have signed the Code of Conduct statement.

Review of integrity of business partners

SSAB has an instruction document for business ethics reviews that mainly covers agents and distributors in high-risk areas. SSAB may not enter into or renew agreements with business partners that are within the typical risk areas for corruption, before an initial assessment showing that such partners respect our fundamental rules of business ethics.

Ethics Line

Our Ethics Line provides employees with an avenue to raise their concerns. All employees are urged to report suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct. Employees can file a report anonymously online or by calling a global hotline available around the clock year through. The Ethics Line is implemented in 14 countries, corresponding to 89% of our employees.