Measures to limit the spread of coronavirus at SSAB's Annual General Meeting 2020

The Swedish Public Health Authority has increased the risk level of coronavirus spread in Sweden and for comprehensible reasons, there has been concern among the company's shareholders and stakeholders.

It is important to limit the risk of contamination by not travelling to certain countries and limit the participation at larger gatherings.

SSAB has a responsibility to its shareholders to limit their risks, while at the same time retaining the shareholders' right to vote on proposals at the AGM, etc.

For shareholders who are concerned about the spread of coronavirus, Euroclear Sweden AB has informed that it is possible to provide proxy and voting instructions to the representative Krister Grönlund, employee of Euroclear Sweden AB. In this way, shareholders are given the opportunity to be represented at the AGM without having to attend in person. Euroclear Sweden AB will send a power of attorney and a form for voting instructions to shareholders who have registered for the meeting. The signed power of attorney in original together with voting instructions must be returned to Euroclear Sweden AB so that Euroclear Sweden AB has received the documents latest on 30 March 2020.

In order to limit the risk for shareholders and other persons who will physically attend the company's AGM 2020, the following measures will be taken:

  • The meeting room will be checked before the AGM. At the meeting entry, hand disinfection will be available.
  • The number of officials and employees present at the AGM will be minimized.
  • External guest will not be invited.
  • No members of the Nomination Committee, the Board of Directors, auditor representatives, officials or employees who have visited countries outside the Nordic region or those who have experienced respiratory problems in combination with fever during the period of 14 days before the AGM, will attend the AGM. Shareholders and representatives are kindly requested to observe the same behavior.
  • No food or gifts will be offered.
  • The Chairman of the Nomination Committee, the Chairman of the Board, the CEO and the auditor will give shorter presentations than normal. The Chairman's and CEO's presentations will be available on the company's website afterwards.

The company monitors the development of the coronavirus daily and we will update the measures described above if needed.

Stockholm, March 10, 2020


Application to attend the Annual General Meeting and documents