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This webinar gallery offers on-demand access to previously recorded live webinars that will give you an edge when it comes to steel knowledge. To access the recordings, complete the related form, check your email for the access link and play away.

5 ways to reap rewards using special steels in agriculture

Need higher performance from your equipment? Join our webinar to learn 5 ways your steel choice could reap higher rewards in agriculture. Using the right steel in the right places impacts efficiency, weight, fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Leonardo Vieira, Technical Development Manager, reveals critical applications that can benefit from an upgrade from seed to harvest.

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3 steps to boost efficiency and slash costs using Hardox®

Need quick ways to cut costs without cutting corners? Watch this webinar to learn 3 ways your steel choice can make all the difference. Using the right steel in the right places drives efficiency and impacts maintenance costs. Tech expert, Jeff Pallitto, explores synchronized maintenance in concrete and cement operations and reveals secrets to simultaneously save time and slash costs!

Fight Corrosion with Hardox® HiAce in Pulp & Paper Industry

Join our wear specialists to get tips and learn how to reduce your maintenance costs and increase performance in corrosive environments for the paper and pulp industry. During these short, but intense 30 minutes, see how to reduce downtime with the right type of steel. Find out how the new durable and corrosion-resistant steel Hardox® HiAce operates in corrosive environments with wear.

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Why it’s high time to upgrade with Hardox® 500 Tuf

Hardox® 500 Tuf wear plate is the new generation of wear plate and best suited for equipment exposed to heavy wear - ideal for tipper trailers, mining and agriculture dump bodies, buckets, containers and more. It delivers exceptional strength, hardness and toughness in a single wear plate, guaranteed. Maurice Picard, Technical Development Manager, presents this powerful performer and why it's the new industry standard.

Best Practice Agriculture Applications Using Special Steels

Looking for best practices in agricultural applications? See how using special steels like Hardox® wear plate and Strenx® performance steel increases payloads, reduces weight and drives efficiencies to lower costs. Technical Development Manager, Jeff Pallitto, shares impressive examples of how companies harvest the many benefits of upgrading.

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Transportation Best Practices Using Special Steels

Think thinner, get stronger in the transportation sector! See how forward-thinking companies are using special steels like Hardox® and Strenx® to reduce weight, save fuel, boost efficiencies, increase payloads and lower costs. Impressive examples roll by in this educational session.

Best Practice Mining Applications Using Special Steels

Mining operations demand results! See how top-producing mines are using special steels like Hardox® and Strenx® to boost efficiencies and lower costs. Impressive examples surface in this session featuring extended equipment service life, higher payloads and sustainable improvements.

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Profitable processes: bending and forming Hardox® & Strenx®

Technical Development Manager, Jimmy Allen shares the do’s and don’ts for proper bending of special steels and demonstrates how to properly prepare using the BendCalc app.

Think thinner, get stronger: the core properties of Strenx® performance steel

Don’t miss this comprehensive introduction to the world of Strenx®. Technical Development Manager, Jeff Pallitto shares how it’s a design engineer’s secret ingredient for more sustainable and efficient equipment that can lift more, carry higher payloads with less weight. 

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Make the right wear plate decisions easy with Hardox® WearCalc digital tools

Change your steel and change the world. Make the choice clear with Hardox WearCalc digital tools. See the demo with Technical Development Manager, Leonardo Vieira and become a change agent.

Extreme abrasion resistance examples: Hardox® 500 Tuf in real life

Watch how this next generation of abrasion resistant steel is a game changer. Technical Development Manager Maurice Picard shares key benefits and showcases innovative applications.

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Increase profits with SSAB EcoUpgraded

Take a load off Mother Earth and uncover potential savings when you change your steel choice. Watch the webinar to see how.

Common myths welding Special Steels: Best practices for welding Hardox® and Strenx®

Technical Development Manager, Jimmy Allen unlocks the mysteries behind the common myths of welding special steels.

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