RR pile

Driven RR large diameter piles (RR400–RR1200) are driven steel pipe piles consisting of a spirally welded steel pipe and an optional pile tip.

The key benefits include high load-bearing capacity, great stiffness and bending strength due to their shape, and high installation strength due to the steel's strength.


In the Nordic countries, end-bearing RR large diameter piles are usually equipped with RR rock shoes.

Rock shoes
  • Shield the bottom end of the pile against loads created during the installation
  • Distribute the loads directed to the pile end as evenly as possible over the cross-section of the pile pipe
  • Prevent lateral sliding of the pile end


There are three types of rock shoes. The most common shoe type is equipped with a structural-steel dowel or a hardened-steel dowel. In the rock shoe with the hollow dowel filled with concrete, a tension bar can be injected into the rock by drilling through the rock shoe.

The pile end can also be shielded with bottom plates of a variety of types in conditions where a rock shoe is not required.

If the pile is to be installed as an open-bottom-end pile, a reinforcement ring can be installed on the bottom end of the pile already in the factory to shield the pile during installation.

Below you may see examples of rock shoe models with structural-steel dowel, with hardened-steel dowel and with hollow dowel and a model of shoe reinforcement.