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SSAB steel powder adds strength to additive manufacturing

The properties of high-strength steel can now be transferred into any complex shape. Additive manufacturing (AM) with steel powder from SSAB will give new opportunities for the design and production of steel components with high strength, impact toughness and hardness.

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Exploring the potential of AM with SSAB’s high-strength steel powder

SSAB is investigating how our steel customers can benefit from this technology. We have already performed testing and made production-ready components in high-strength steel from steel powder produced at our own facility.

The steel powder we currently use is called SSAB AM TS1, with properties equivalent to a high-grade tool steel. It is primarily suitable for the laser-powder bed fusion (L-PBF) technology. This powder has an optimal combination of strength, toughness, and high levels of isotropy in the as-built condition.

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Shorter cycle times with SSAB steel powder

Advanced cooling channels only possible with steel powder and AM speed up production in plastic injection molding.

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