Excavator buckets and front loader buckets in Hardox® wear plate

Excellent hardness throughout the entire thickness of the plate, unbeatable toughness, and leading bendability and weldability. Hardox® wear plate makes a great abrasion-resistant steel choice for excavator buckets and loader buckets to increase service life.

You can upgrade as far as up to Hardox® 600 for parts subject to severe wear, for example wear pads and wear strips. The lifetime of Hardox® 500 in field tests has been proven to be more than 3 times that of an AR400 competitor product alternatives (either AR400 competitor product), and more than 1.5 times that of an AR450/450 HBW steel.

For grizzly bars and screening buckets, Hardox® 400 round bars are perfect thanks to their good weldability, hardness and excellent toughness.