Recommended AHSS steels for car applications

Docol® steel grades serve specific design purposes and are chosen by designers for a wide range of applications and used by OEMs and tier suppliers in millions of vehicles around the world.

structural body parts

Structural body parts

Parts such as sill reinforcements and cross-members must have both high-energy absorption capabilities and low weight. Stiffness can be maintained with optimized shape.

Suitable steel grades
Consider Docol® Dual Phase (DP), Martensitic (M) or Press-Hardening steel (PHS) grades.




High-strength steels provide chassis with excellent formability and fatigue resistance properties.

Suitable steel grades
Consider Docol® Complex Phase (CP) grades.



AHSS steels provide high-force absorption for bumper reinforcements while achieving major weight reduction.

Suitable steel grades
Consider Docol® Martensitic (M) grades.

door beams

Door beams

The high-strength levels of AHSS steel result in major weight reductions when upgrading side impact beams.

Suitable steel grades
Consider Docol® Martensitic (M) grades.



Car seats provide a critical safety structure for occupants. Advanced high steel steels can be used throughout the seat frame, significantly reducing their weight while meeting or exceeding current safety requirements.

Suitable steel grades
Consider Docol® Martensitic (M), Complex phase (CP) or Dual Phase (DP) grades.

EV battery protection

EV battery protection

Electric car batteries are expensive and hazardous if damaged in a crash. They also require underside protection from road debris and an enclosure that contains battery liquids in the event of a collision. Docol AHSS steels can help to ensure the strongest EV battery protection with the lowest possible weight.

Suitable steel grades
Consider Docol® Martensitic (M) grades.

AHSS and UHSS applications for heavy trucks

Heavy-duty and commercial truck OEMs can take advantage of decades of car designers’ AHSS/UHSS experience when optimizing their own designs. Advanced high strength steel can allow for lighter, stronger, safer components throughout your truck’s structure.

car cross section

Product program for all our automotive steel grades

New formulations and grades of Docol® high-strength steels enable you to produce vehicles that are stronger, lighter and more energy efficient.

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