Electrogalvanized AHSS steels

Electrogalvanizing AHSS steel involves electrolytically depositing a layer of zinc by running the steel through a conducting zinc salt bath with inert anodes and the steel strip as the cathode.

Electrogalvanizing provides a uniform coating and high surface quality. EG coats are much thinner than other galvanizing processes, making them appropriate when the thinnest possible coating is needed for corrosion protection.

SSAB offers various EG-coated AHSS steels; particularly noteworthy are our electrogalvanized martensitic steel grades. Electrogalvanized coatings are designated as EG by the VDA standards and ZE by the EN nomination.

Formability of electrogalvanized AHSS

Electrogalvanized coatings can be suitable for highly formed (e.g., deeply drawn) automotive parts. Lubrication prior to forming may be needed for some extreme applications.

Weldability of electrogalvanized AHSS

Electrogalvanizing provides excellent resistance spot welding properties.

Adhesive and mechanical joining of electrogalvanized AHSS

Electrogalvanized AHSS steel can be joined using a variety of adhesives. EG-coated parts are generally considered easier to bond than traditional zinc-coated (GI) parts. Mechanical joining of electrogalvanized parts can be done using bolts, rivet tabs, or non-tabs.

Electrogalvanized: EG/ZE electrolytic zinc coatings

Available on select:

  • Docol Martensitic
  • Docol Complex Phase
  • Docol Dual Phase

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