A proud heritage of protecting people and property

Armox® was born and raised for one single purpose – to protect human life. We do that by providing the world’s leading manufacturers of protection equipment with the most sophisticated armor and ballistic steel grades.

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Armox® has been the armor steel of choice since it was launched in 1983. It’s been constantly developed during the years. The protection against ballistic projectiles and explosives is stronger than ever. Today we can reach the same level of security with a steel that is half as thick as 40 years ago. This gives large benefits in handling and weight reduction.

Where protection starts

Production of the world’s most advanced protection plate starts with the careful selection of raw materials. From there we master every step of the production process: steelmaking, metallurgy, casting, slab reheating, rolling, quenching and tempering. 

Our understanding of exactly how each step affects the properties of the steel, the desire to continuously find new ways to refine the process, and the ability to fully control the complete process is how Armox® can offer you a superior range of protection steel.

How to save 50% weight with equal protection

Making this a ‘mission possible’ is the result of unparalleled product development. Reaching the same protection level against projectiles with a plate half as thick allows for 50% lighter armor solutions. 

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Guaranteed protection

Armox® can provide armor solutions with guaranteed kinetic protection. The steel’s combination of hardness and toughness means it can be used both for add-on protection and as a combined armor and structural material. 

Armox® is approved according to the strictest standards for military and civilian applications. It is tested and guaranteed down to -40 °C for use in arctic as well as in desert environments.

Certified protection

Armox® is fully certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It follows all relevant international rules and regulations related to protection plate.

Quality assured protection

Armox® ticks of all the important parameters for a premium armor steel:

  • Isotropic mechanical properties
  • Through-thickness hardness
  • Process traceability
  • Material certificate for each individual plate
  • Thickness guarantee
  • Flatness guarantee
  • Bending guarantee

Worldwide support and service

After more than 40 years, Armox® has established a worldwide reputation for being easily accessible and providing logistic solutions across the continents. We keep the largest armor plate stock in the world, and you can trust our global service network and dedicated technical support teams to answer all your application and processing questions.

Guaranteed to meet your highest expectations

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