Resource efficient operations

SSAB is committed to minimizing any adverse environmental impacts from our operations. For SSAB, circularity is a key factor in increasing efficiency to help mitigate climate change.

Steel production

Steel production

There are two different ways of producing steel. The processes differ by the raw material used in the process – iron ore-based or scrap-based.

First in fossil-free steel

SSAB will stepwise move toward a fossil-free steelmaking process through the HYBRIT initiative and eliminate other fossil fuel related emissions, making it possible to be fossil free within the entire operation.

CO₂ efficiency at SSAB

SSAB is committed to continuous environmental work aiming at minimizing the adverse environmental impacts from our operations.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in steel production is a key priority for SSAB. We view it as an opportunity to reduce costs and improve SSAB’s environmental footprint.

Material efficiency

Emissions from steel production are controlled and can be further reduced by continuously improving material and energy efficiency in the processes.