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Sep 28 2021

Notice to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting

The shareholders of SSAB AB (publ) (company registration number 556016-3429) are hereby given notice to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on Thursday, October 28, 2021. Due to the risk of continued spread of infection, the Board of Directors has decided that the Extraordinary General Meeting will be held without the physical presence of shareholders, representatives or third parties, and that the shareholders will only be able to exercise their voting rights in advance through so-called postal voting ahead of the meeting. Information on the resolutions passed at the General Meeting will be disclosed on October 28, 2021, as soon as the outcome of the postal voting has been confirmed.

Sep 23 2021

Annareetta Lumme-Timonen has requested her resignation as member of the Board – it is proposed that Maija Strandberg replaces her

In consequence of the recent ownership changes in SSAB in Finland, current member of the Board of Directors, Annareetta Lumme-Timonen, has requested her resignation at the upcoming extraordinary general meeting.

Sep 16 2021

SSAB to convene extraordinary general meeting due to the resignation of the Board chairman

In consequence of the ownership changes in SSAB during May and June this year, Bengt Kjell, chairman of the Board of Directors (Board), has today informed the Board that he wishes to resign from the Board at the earliest convenience.

Other news

Jul 15 2021

SSAB has launched an extensive research project in Finland to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy in steelmaking

SSAB has launched an extensive research project, FFS – Towards Fossil-free Steel, in Finland. In the project, SSAB will work together with industrial and research partners to explore different solutions and alternatives to produce fossil-free steel and thus the ways to withdraw entirely from the use fossil energy.

Jun 22 2021

Ruukki Construction to be the first to supply fossil-free steel building products

Ruukki Construction, a subsidiary of SSAB Group, is committed to being the first company to offer its customers fossil-free steel building products. The building products will be made from fossil-free steel based on SSAB’s HYBRIT technology and the plan is to launch them at a commercial scale on the market in 2026. Already before then, Ruukki aims to pilot the use of fossil-free steel together with selected customers.

Jun 22 2021

New contract with VR Transpoint will considerably reduce SSAB’s transport emissions in Finland

VR Transpoint and SSAB have signed a contract on the rail transport of raw materials and products. The goal is to halve the transport emissions covered by cooperation by 2024.

Latest articles and blogs

Aug 31 2021

With Docol® steel, Shape Corp. has improved body structure components for cars

The basic shape of the car hasn’t changed much in a century, but a lot of evolution has happened to the body structure. Thanks to advanced high-strength steel grades from SSAB, Shape Corp. has been able to improve the body structure components of vehicles, with increased safety and reduced weight as a result.

Aug 18 2021

The world’s first fossil-free steel ready for delivery

SSAB has now produced the world’s first fossil-free steel and delivered it to a customer. The trial delivery is an important step on the way to a completely fossil-free value chain for iron- and steelmaking and a milestone in the HYBRIT partnership between SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall.

Jun 23 2020

The transition to fossil-free steel production is the future for our trainee Cecilia

When Cecilia Svennberg won Female Leader Engineer 2017, she chose SSAB as one of three companies for her trainee program for three reasons: The investment in fossil-free steel and HYBRIT, SSAB’s way to drive sustainable business and because she found SSAB's culture straight-forward and honest. At the beginning of the year she started her trainee periodat SSAB.