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Jan 17 2022

Invitation to SSAB’s year-end report 2021 briefing

SSAB invites you to a presentation of the year-end report for 2021 at 9.30am CET on Friday, January 28, 2022. The briefing will take place by combined webcast and conference call that will be webcast on SSAB’s website. The report will be published at approximately 7.30am CET on the same date.

Dec 2 2021

First high-strength steel powder manufactured at SSAB in Oxelösund

The first steel powder has now been produced at SSAB in Oxelösund. This is a major step on the journey that SSAB has undertaken to become a player in the rapidly growing market for additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing.

Nov 18 2021

SSAB partners with Lindab on fossil-free steel

SSAB and Lindab take another step in their partnership by collaborating on fossil-free steel. Starting 2026, SSAB will deliver fossil-free steel to Lindab, for use in ventilation and building systems.

Other news

Nov 18 2021

Steel profile made by SSAB Toijala in artwork in Kilpisjärvi, Finland

Anssi Pulkkinen and Nestori Syrjälä’s work Ylösalasalasylös (Upside down downside up) won a public art competition held in 2019 by the Finnish State Art Commission, Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre, Finnish Customs) and Senate Properties. A guard rail made at SSAB Toijala was used in the artwork, which was revealed at the customs post in Kilpisjärvi on the Finnish-Norwegian border in June 2021. The work is 13 meters high and 28 meters wide and refers, among other things, to the forms of the earth’s surface.

Oct 15 2021

SSAB won prestigious steel industry award

The winners of the annual S&P Platts Global Metal Awards were announced yesterday at an event in London. SSAB was the winner of the category Industry Leadership: Steel.

Jul 15 2021

SSAB has launched an extensive research project in Finland to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy in steelmaking

SSAB has launched an extensive research project, FFS – Towards Fossil-free Steel, in Finland. In the project, SSAB will work together with industrial and research partners to explore different solutions and alternatives to produce fossil-free steel and thus the ways to withdraw entirely from the use fossil energy.

Latest articles and blogs

Dec 6 2021

Users of Joper’s tipper bodies made from Hardox® steel say accidents are down by more than 30%

Set deep in the Mexican desert, Joper has been manufacturing agricultural and construction equipment for more than six decades. Its Volteo Pegaso tipper body made from SSAB’s Hardox® 450 wear plate delivers superior durability, productivity and safety to mining, construction and agricultural sites across the Americas.

Oct 29 2021

Greener, more profitable transports with Bennes Vincent’s tipper bodies made of Hardox® 500 Tuf steel

In July 2020, Bennes Vincent became the first tipper body maker in France to launch a new product line entirely made of Hardox® 500 Tuf steel. A year into the launch, and Bennes Vincent’s new “Multi-Blocs” rear tippers are taking the market by storm, offering end-users reduced tare weight, increased payload, and thereby improved profitability. But perhaps more importantly, a much greener mode of transport.

Oct 1 2021

A Hardox® steel core makes it possible to recycle cement at Smart Circular Products

With a core made of Hardox® 500 steel, the Smart Liberator has the power to change the world. The world-unique construction from the Dutch company Smart Circular Products can upgrade demolition piles of concrete to Freesand®, Freegravel®, Freefiller® and Freement®.