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Feb 25 2021

Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson to join SSAB

Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson, former president of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, LO, is to join SSAB as Senior Advisor to strengthen the company’s government relations and public affairs in Sweden and at the EU level. The recruitment is a step in SSAB’s ambition to lead the green transformation in the steel industry, which requires good, close dialogue between industry and society in general. Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson will report directly to Martin Lindqvist, SSAB’s President and CEO.

Jan 29 2021

Year-end report 2020: Higher deliveries and better capacity utilization improved earnings in Q4

The fourth quarter · Revenue was SEK 16,988 (16,973) million · EBITDA was SEK 1,439 (-127) million · Operating profit/loss was SEK 557 (-1,131) million · Earnings per share were SEK 0.33 (-1.21) · The Board proposes that no dividend will be paid for 2020

Jan 29 2021

SSAB concludes IJmuiden discussions with Tata Steel

During the fourth quarter of 2020, SSAB announced that it was in discussions with Tata Steel concerning a possible acquisition of the IJmuiden steel mill and related downstream assets. After deeper analysis and discussions, it became clear that there were limited possibilities to integrate IJmuiden into the SSAB strategic framework. Discussions with Tata Steel have therefore concluded.

Other news

Dec 28 2020

SSAB to supply 6,000 tonnes of steel for photovoltaic solar parks in Angola

SSAB Borlänge and SSAB Arendal are to supply steel to build a number of photovoltaic solar parks in Angola. The plants will strengthen electricity supply in the country and help Angola to switch to renewables and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Dec 23 2020

Green light for fossil-free steel in Oxelösund

The Land and Environment Court has decided to grant SSAB Oxelösund an environmental permit to convert its steelmaking operations and reduce carbon dioxide activities by 2025. This also means that we will take a step nearer towards fossil-free steel production across SSAB in 2045.

Dec 10 2020

Completion of Energy4HYBRIT biomaterial sidestream prefeasibility study in Finland

The Energy4HYBRIT prefeasibility study, part of SSAB’s plan to be fossil free by 2045, has been completed. In this prefeasibility study, SSAB investigated the use of fossil-free energy sources, primarily biomaterial sidestreams, to replace fossil fuels in certain steelmaking processes, for example rolling processes. The Raahe mill in Finland acted as the reference in the project. The prefeasibility study indicates that it would be possible to replace a significant amount of fossil fuel consumption with felling and other bio-based sidestream components at the Raahe mill.

Latest articles and blogs

Jun 23 2020

The transition to fossil-free steel production is the future for our trainee Cecilia

When Cecilia Svennberg won Female Leader Engineer 2017, she chose SSAB as one of three companies for her trainee program for three reasons: The investment in fossil-free steel and HYBRIT, SSAB’s way to drive sustainable business and because she found SSAB's culture straight-forward and honest. At the beginning of the year she started her trainee periodat SSAB.

Apr 28 2020

Farmtech’s agricultural tippers made from Hardox® steel are “indestructible,” according to customers

In the midst of the beautiful Slovenian countryside, tipper body specialist Farmtech constructs high-quality equipment for the demanding agricultural industry, which runs continuous transports with heavy loads. The recipe for the success of the heavy-duty dump tipper Gravis 2000 is to use Hardox® 450 wear plate throughout the model’s body.

Mar 25 2020

Betonstar reaches higher with lighter weight through Strenx® steel

Concrete pumps used in the construction of tall buildings need a boom structure that is strong and reliable while also striving for light weight. Turkish Betonstar has met these requirements by using only Strenx® performance steel throughout its structures. The result is longer, stronger and lighter products.