FrameFEM: Design tool for structural hollow section frames

Available On-demand
30 Min
Webinar: FrameFEM

In this webinar, we present the new FrameFEM calculation tool, which SSAB offers for your use free of charge.

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With FrameFEM, you can design and specify steel frame structures – including their welded joints – according to built-in Eurocode 3 design rules. Then you can download an automatically generated PDF of the results. FrameFEM is suitable for designing welded 2D tubular assemblies and fully leverages SSAB’s wide range of structural hollow sections when making its calculations.

In 30 minutes, we go through the following:

  • How the FrameFEM design tool works
  • How you can design a frame structure with SSAB hollow sections
  • How you can utilize other programs with FrameFEM
  • Q&A
Technical support

Anssi Hyvärinen


Anssi Hyvärinen is responsible for technical support regarding SSAB’s structural hollow sections. Anssi has a mechanical engineering degree from Tampere University of Technology and he has worked with SSAB’s tubular products over six years.