Determining AHSS cut edge ductility with a new edge bending test

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45 Min
Webinar: Determining AHSS cut edge ductility with a new edge bending test

The limitations of the ISO 16630 hole-expansion test for describing stretch-flangeability of advanced high-strength steels are well known. This webinar presents a new cut edge ductility test method that can be used for predicting necking strain in edge forming.

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In this webinar, Marcus Folmerz, SSAB Senior Forming Specialist, will show how digital image correlation (DIC) can used to investigate different edge-loading scenarios. Data regarding limiting local strain to the necking strain, before edge cracking, will be presented for several commercially available AHSS grades — with results for different local strain concentrations and cutting settings. Attempts to use these results for forming simulations will also be discussed, as well as the usefulness of this approach for evaluating overall edge-forming limits.

Cut edge ductility

Marcus Folmerz

Senior Forming Specialist, SSAB

Marcus has worked at SSAB for over eight years in the areas of product development technology and forming for automotive advanced high-strength steels. With a master’s degree in material science, Marcus has helped SSAB develop material data, forming simulations, and the optimization of AHSS/UHSS forming methods. Marcus also leads Docol® on-site seminars and project meetings worldwide with our OEM and Tier 1 customers.