Forming martensitic steel for tomorrow’s cars – up to 1700 MPa level

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45 Min
Webinar: Forming martensitic steel for tomorrow’s cars

One of SSAB’s experts in ultra-high strength steel forming technology leads an in-depth discussion on 1400M, 1500M and 1700M steels for optimized car designs. Topics include: • How to cold-form martensitic steel — even with 1700 MPa strength • Welding parameters for UHSS martensitic grades • Hydrogen embrittlement: fundamentals for avoiding it.

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Join Manuel Otto, PhD. for this 35-minute presentation on where 1400M, 1500M and 1700M steels are being used to optimize a range of body-in-white and hang-on applications. Learn how UHSS martensitic steels are being used right now by car OEMs to:

  • Achieve low weight and 5-star safety performance
  • Replace expensive aluminum – or complicated and energy-intensive hot-stamped forming
  • Leverage existing conventional stamping equipment for MS grades – plus new cold-roll-forming technologies

Manuel will discuss forming and joining of martensitic grades for applications such as anti-intrusion protection for EV batteries, higher strength bumpers and door beams, and improved stiffness for structural body parts. Manuel will then take audience questions for 15 minutes.

Join us for this in-depth discussion of automotive martensitic steels.



Manuel Otto

PhD. Business Development Mobility, SSAB Europe

At SSAB, Manuel coordinates pre-development activities with automotive OEMs and Tier 1s customers. With a PhD. in forming technology, Manuel’s expertise covers areas of fabrication, welding, CAE, and investigations into application technologies for new, advanced high-strength steels. Dr. Otto has 17 years of automotive steel experience.