Bending sheet metal – get it right and increase your productivity

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40 Min

Bending is by far the most common form of processing sheet metal. Correct calibration of tools based on the steel’s properties has a major impact on quality and productivity. The webinar will focus on the air bending of steel, but will also touch on other forms of bending, such as roll and embossed bending, edge bending and roll forming.

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In this webinar, aimed at designers, buyers and people, SSAB’s technical experts explain how different parameters such as knife radius, die width, die radius and material thickness affect the final inner radius of the sheet metal being bent.

The webinar will also answer frequently asked questions such as:

  • How much do I need to over-bend when upgrading to a higher strength steel?
  • Why do I get different inner radii on the bent sheet metal, even though I don’t change any tool settings?
  • What knife radius should the tool have to achieve a certain inner radius on the sheet metal?
  • What do I have to consider when bending high-strength steels?
  • Where should I turn if I need help in identifying the correct bending parameters?


The webinar will also tell you about BendCalc, SSAB’s new, smart, free mobile app, which can provide information such as:

  • Required bending force, depending on friction conditions (low/medium/high).
  • Spring-back angle.
  • Required bending angle and press depth for selected end angle.
  • Minimum flange height.

BendCalc automatically generates a clear PDF report that can easily be forwarded as an email.



Lars Troive

Senior Forming Specialist, SSAB Knowledge Service Center

Lars has a PhD and more than 15 years’ experience of sheet metal forming. He has worked a lot in customer support and optimizing forming processes. He has also previously worked as a lead researcher within SSAB’s strategic research program.


Pär Källberg

Regional Sales Manager SSAB Europe, Steel Service Center

Pär has more than 25 years’ experience in the steel industry, and since 2012 has been working with sales of SSAB Steel Service Center products in the Swedish and Norwegian markets.


Martin Björling


Martin has 14 years’ experience of forming at SSAB’s Knowledge Service Center. He has worked primarily with practical material testing, research projects, method development and customer support in the field of forming, where support has often been provided directly at customer premises all over the world.