SSAB Multisteel – a multifaceted steel!

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30 Min
Multisteel webinar

SSAB Multisteel is a family of heavy plate products where different types of steel are baked together in one and the same plate. This allows you to reduce your inventory as well as tied-up capital. The even material properties in combination with the sheet's fine surface are other distinctive properties that increase productivity in the workshop.

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April 21, 09.30–10.00 followed by a short Q&A session

Reduce your inventory and increase productivity in the workshop

Use the same steel for a lot of applications

SSAB Multisteel is a high-quality product that is mainly used for general constructions, but is also suitable as a ship sheet and for applications that require pressure vessel steel. SSAB Multisteel has consistent properties between batches and is suitable for processing. It can also be delivered in custom dimensions so that you can optimize the utilization rate of your projects.

Reliable in the workshop

SSAB Multisteel can be cut with your existing equipment. The details can then be bent with narrower radii than the corresponding standard steel. We’ve had experience replacing standard steel with Multisteel and no longer needing to correct details after bending. This eliminates one production step.

Since Multisteel has an alloy content that is lower than the standard, you can also count on good welding performance. The plate's fine surface simplifies painting and gives the product an appealing final look.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Advantages of SSAB Multisteel
  • Distinctive features
  • Product range
  • Usage examples

Anders Ohlsson

Head of Technical Support, SSAB

Anders has more than 20 years’ experience in technical support towards customers and is now head of an organization that supports customers and application development.


Fredrik Lindqvist

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, SSAB

Fredrik has worked with technical support at SSAB since 2013, which means he’s helped our customers develop their products, processes, and material choices. Prior to that, he worked with the design and production of train carriages and with production technical issues for a subcontractor to the automotive industry.