Increase workshop productivity with SSAB Domex

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Webinar Domex

SSAB Domex is a steel with properties that exceed standards. You can use it to streamline your production. Welcome to a webinar on how you can take advantage of the high and consistent material properties and get a better end product.

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April 21, 11.00–11.30 followed by a short Q&A session

Optimized for your designs

SSAB Domex is an advanced structural steel with a wide range of dimensions and many different delivery options. You can use it in structural applications and take advantage of its reliability and flexibility.

Carefully checked

SSAB Domex is available as hot-rolled sheet metal, hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip, pipes and profiles. This wide range of versatile structural steels with excellent cold forming, machining and welding properties means that you can choose whatever is optimized for your production. Various metal-coated corrosion-resistant steels with zinc, galvanic or galvannealed coating are also available.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Why SSAB Domex works well where other steels cause problem
  • Advantages of consistent product quality
  • How SSAB Domex improves workshop efficiency through tighter tolerances and larger process windows for welding
  • Examples of applications where SSAB Domex is used

Anders Ohlsson

Head of Technical Support, SSAB

Anders has more than 20 years’ experience in technical support towards customers and is now head of an organization that supports customers and application development.


Birgitta Fries

M.Sc. Geotechnology, SSAB

Birgitta has worked with technical support at SSAB since 2017, which means she’s been helping our customers develop their products, processes and choice of materials.

She has worked at SSAB since 1990 with technology, product development, and quality issues, from casting in Luleå to format cutting in Borlänge.