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SSAB offering tubular products in imperial dimensions

The SSAB Domex tube’s wide dimensional range is available also in imperial dimensions. SSAB’s own raw material, wider dimensional range, excellent quality gives more opportunities and benefits to design.

Imperial dimension’s availability

SSAB’s imperial dimensions tubes are available in rectangular and square shapes. Current dimensions range with thickness and minimum quantities you can find from datasheet. There is also information about technical and chemical properties for those. When you order imperial dimensions as SSAB Domex Tube Double grade, you have more possibilities to use 2 different steel grade’s benefits (S355J2H or S420MH) in your design and application.


Domex app


Other dimensions and steel grades

If you need more information about dimension’s range or steel grade, take contact to our tubular’s technical support.


Download your own datasheet

You can find and download imperial dimension’s datasheet from


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