More capabilities with web-based applications

Earlier the programs required installation to workstation. With web-based applications this is now history and programs are used with normal web browsers. Latest versions of the most used browsers like Chrome, Edge and Firefox are supported.

This also totally changes the updating of the programs. With new web-based technology, the latest versions of the programs are always available for all users immediately after the release.

In web environment the calculation models are saved to server. Each user has own projects and models. Saving is done automatically all the time when something is changed. There are no set limits for the amounts of projects and models.

Changes and updates for calculations

Like in the old versions also in the new versions the cross-section properties and the cross-sectional resistances are calculated from deformation. This is done by dividing the cross-section to small elements. In the old version the elements were segments, but in new versions the elements are thin layers.

The material model for the concrete has changed. Old versions had a material model, which followed quite well the actual behavior of the concrete. In the new versions the material model is taken directly from Eurocodes. The model is so-called “parabolic-linear” model from EN 1992-1-1.

Also defining of default value for creep coefficient of the concrete has changed. This is now calculated according to informative Annex B of EN 1992-1-1. The assumptions behind the calculations for the default values are given in the theory manuals of the programs. Beside the automatically defined default value, the user can give also own value for creep coefficient.

Due to above changes there are differences in results with old and new program versions, especially when there is concrete in the pile.

Advanced FEM functionality of PileCalc has also been updated. One new option is adding of layer without ground around the pile. This has been widely asked feature for situations when piles are partly in water.

Free to use

Both programs are still free to use for everyone. Registration and login are required.

Programs can be found through following links:


Both of the programs can be found also from SSAB Tubular Design Tools, where you can find also FrameCalc and FrameFEM design tools.

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