OperationAid employees are unpacking deliveries of Ruukki roofing products made of SSAB steel and produced at the Ruukki plant in Kopyliev, near Kyiv by Vitaly Sveredyuk and Meleshchenko Oleksandr, among others.


Ruukki Construction’s donated roof profiles, flashings and fasteners can be used to rebuild the complete roofs of as many as 16 houses or make smaller repairs to dozens of houses. The products will be manufactured from SSAB color-coated steel at Ruukki's plant near Kyiv during December. The steel intended for the field stoves will be sent to Sarholms Plåtdetaljer AB, who will make the stoves.


OperationAid is a charity organization that helps Ukraine. The organization focuses on identifying the most urgent needs, raising and procuring funds, and delivering humanitarian aid and medical equipment to Ukraine. SSAB and Ruukki also donated roofing products to Ukraine through OperationAid in December 2022.


“It is important that we continue to show our support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and condemn Russia’s war. I have deep admiration for our Ukrainian employees who have continued to deliver roofing products and services in a country in dire need of reconstruction. Their safety is of utmost importance to me,” says Martin Lindqvist, CEO at SSAB.


Ruukki has had operations in Ukraine for 26 years and has a total of 71 employees in the country. Ruukki Construction’s plant in Kopyliev near Kyiv currently operates some days a week.


“We hope this donation will help Ukrainians to get through yet another harsh winter. SSAB has also supported Ukraine through donations to UNCHR, the UN refugee agency. The donation now made to OperationAid is a natural continuum in a situation of acute distress,” says Christina Friborg, head of Sustainability at SSAB.