Steel is one of the most important materials in modern society but unfortunately, it is also one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions. SSAB wants to change this, and so is developing a completely fossil-free steel, which the company plans to launch commercially in 2026. This premium steel will be made using hydrogen-reduced iron in a process where the by-product is water instead of carbon dioxide.

”We are fundamentally changing the way steel is made and this will revolutionize the entire industry since it eliminates carbon dioxide emissions from the steelmaking process,” says Matts Nilsson, Head of Sales Sweden & Norway at SSAB Europe.

Long relationship with Tibnor

SSAB is not changing its basic strategy, however, and the Nordic home market will continue to be an important cornerstone. Tibnor is an important distribution channel on this market for small and medium-sized construction and industrial enterprises.   

“Tibnor is an important channel for SSAB for products on our home market. We have a long relationship and a lot of experience of technical cooperation, not least when it concerns driving upgrading and developing our customers’ products. Thanks to this close cooperation, we will be able to make our fossil-free steel available to SMEs in the Nordics and Baltics,” says Matts Nilsson, adding that SSAB’s Nordic customers are showing great interest in fossil-free steel.

“Many of our customers have realized how fossil-free steel can strengthen their competitiveness and boost their export potential.”

Half of Tibnor’s deliveries

Jonathan Nejman is Manager, Purchasing and Inventory Management at Tibnor. He is looking forward to distributing SSAB’s fossil-free steel in a couple of years.

“At Tibnor, we are very proud of and pleased to be able to be involved in and contribute to the transformation of the steel industry by making SSAB’s fossil-free steel available also to small and medium-sized construction and engineering companies.

SSAB’s steel accounts for around half of Tibnor’s deliveries to customers.

“We are working to reduce our carbon footprint across our product offering. SSAB already has relatively carbon dioxide efficient production, but fossil-free steel will be a game changer, Jonathan Nejman adds.

Lower carbon footprint on several levels

Besides working with SSAB on the distribution of fossil-free steel, Tibnor is also focusing on reducing the carbon footprint in its transports.

”All internal transports must be zero-emission in 2030 and we are tightening up emissions requirements when procuring outbound transports,” Jonathan Nejman says, adding that the truck fill rate is also a priority.

He is now looking forward to the start of selling SSAB’s fossil-free steel.

“We are the natural channel to supply fossil-free steel to small and medium-sized industrial and construction businesses when it becomes available. Both we and our customers are looking forward to then!”