Hiab, part of Cargotec, will show the world’s first hooklift made from fossil-free steel. Hiab’s Pavilion P35 features a MULTILIFT Ultima hooklift made mostly using SSAB’s fossil-free steel, which has the same properties as conventional steel.

“It´s great to see this tangible result from the hard work of many people at SSAB to create the first test batches of fossil-free steel,” said Thomas Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainable Business at SSAB. “We are moving closer one step at a time to SSAB’s ambition to eliminate virtually all CO2 emissions in steelmaking in around 2030.”

In 2026, SSAB aims to make fossil-free steel commercially available. Cargotec and SSAB have agreed in a strategic partnership to work on the introduction of fossil-free steel to the load handling industry.