The Awards for Steel Excellence, now in their 13th year, honor world-class companies in the global steel industry, as well as those that support the industry. Winners in five categories were chosen by a prestigious panel of judges.

SSAB Americas earned the Environmental Responsibility award for its achievements in operating as a good steward for the environment. The company’s nomination focused on key projects related to environmental responsibility, most notably, the company’s continued focus on producing planet-friendly steel products using a planet-friendly process. SSAB Americas launched EcoSmart in 2016 as a way to tout SSAB Americas’ sustainable steelmaking process – which results in more than 60 percent fewer CO2 emissions than the North American steel industry average. SSAB’s environmental initiatives also have resulted in reduced waste, greater energy efficiency and enhanced recycling efforts.

“With this award, we have shown that environmental sustainability is at the core of what we do at SSAB,” said Jon Howley, Director, Environment and Sustainability Business Development for SSAB Americas. “We continuously strive to make the least impact possible to our environment, to help create a better world for tomorrow. We are honored that our efforts are being recognized in the industry and beyond.”

SSAB Americas President Chuck Schmitt expressed great pride in the work of the organization. “This award is a humble recognition of our SSAB team members and their impressive stewardship for environmental stability in the North American steel industry,” said Schmitt. “Our advance efforts in steelmaking, combined with our innovative researchers and operators, allow us to prioritize transformative projects pushing SSAB Americas closer to our zero CO2 ambitions. I want to thank our loyal employees, valued customers and other partners who help SSAB remain a market leader in North America.”

SSAB produces steel plate and coil in the US at mills in Montpelier, Iowa and Mobile, Alabama, with offices and support facilities also located in Toronto, Houston and St. Paul. SSAB Americas’ steel is used to build heavy machinery, ships, bridges, wind towers, rail cars and more. SSAB Americas is a division of Nordic-based global steelmaker SSAB.