Al Marwan General Contracting LLC


The company has a diverse yet unified business portfolio. Its construction division has executed numerous infrastructure projects including roads, bridges and tunnels as well as several prominent buildings – award-winning hotels, high-rise residential and office complexes, shopping centers and villas.

Another division leases and sells all leading brands of equipment used in the construction industry. Their fleet of 600 pieces of heavy and light earthmoving equipment covers the entire range of equipment required on site, and they transact business across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

The company’s other business divisions are Piling & Shoring, Asphalt & Road Marking, Ready Mix Concrete and Aluminum & Steel Fabrication. This last division supports all the other business units, and MGCC use SSAB’s Hardox® and Strenx™ products exclusively. Hardox® wear plate is used for buckets and Strenx™ performance steel for booms, sticks and chassis. 

While MGCC have shown a preference for Hardox® and Strenx™ steels based on a 20-year track record of product quality, reputation and reliability, the relationship between MGCC and SSAB has improved even more since SSAB set up its own office in UAE 10 years ago. MGCC were able to benefit right away, starting with SSAB’s technical support and stock area.

In determined pursuit of perfection

Al Marwan General Contracting LLCMahfoud Benyoucef, Workshop Development Manager at MGCC, has plenty of praise for SSAB. “SSAB is number one in the world, not by luck but by employing a specific strategy with the objective of being leaders. The quality of the product is unrivalled, but it is further enhanced by their after-sales service and technical support from the local team as well as from the Knowledge Service Center located in Sweden when it is required. The logistical support they have invested in ensures on-demand availability. Thanks to these amazing special steels, we have been able to manufacture our own brand of skid loaders under the brand “MZ”. These bring innumerable advantages to the construction industry around the GCC. We used Hardox® 500 for the cutting edge of the bucket to extend lifetime. We expect at least 25 percent increase in service life accordingly. At the same time, we used Strenx® 700 to reduce the weight and thickness of the booms, sticks and chassis while retaining the strength of these important parts. This meant that we could develop a far more efficient, reliable hydraulic system able to carry more load in a shorter period of time. The overall reduced weight, increased bucket service life and strength of components enable the loaders to load more resulting in time and fuel savings, not to mention less maintenance need.” 
“The products are strong, more efficient and well suited to local conditions. SSAB have been very supportive. Thanks to collaboration between our R&D, marketing and SSAB here as well as from the Knowledge Service Center in Sweden, we have been able to produce the MZ brand. We expect the MZ brand of skid loaders to reduce operating costs by 20%. We have recently developed and started to use the brand,” Mahfoud added. 

As market leaders, SSAB continuously invest in R&D

Ozgur Yalcin, Area Sales Manager, Middle East, SSAB says, “We are pleased to have made an impact on the industry. The GCC, with its ongoing infrastructure development projects, is a huge potential market for SSAB. Using our steel to develop products that contribute to cost and time efficiency gives MGCC a major competitive edge. Their approval of our products, service and support is highly appreciated. As the industry knows, SSAB is committed to giving the customer a unique experience, delivering higher performance in terms of energy efficiency, resource efficiency and better process and product performance.”

Al Marwan General Contracting LLC   Al Marwan General Contracting LLC