SSAB wants to develop solutions that can be used to increase the use of quality, lasting, bio-based color coatings in building product solutions. SSAB’s role in the research project is to develop various bio-based coating concepts in which traditional fossil raw materials have been replaced by components based on renewable natural resources and to study the: suitability of various bio-based coatings for large-scale production and for outdoor use applications.

Business Finland is contributing to funding the research project, which is connected to Business Finland’s Bio & Circular Finland funding program. Besides HAMK, SSAB and Ruukki Construction, the project also involves PiriSteel, Samesor, Weckman Steel and Tikkurila.

“We’re studying the behavior of bio-based color-coated sheet products. At the same time, we’re developing solutions to further improve the properties of bio-based coatings and to increase the amount of bio-based and recycled components. Weckman Steel Oy is studying and testing bio-coated products made by SSAB and their suitability for building solutions, such as profiled steel roofing,” says Antti Markkula, Product Development Manager at SSAB Europe.

SSAB’s unique patented GreenCoat® BT technology improves the coating’s ecological properties and performance. The range includes, for example, GreenCoat® Pural BT, a highly durable roofing coating popular when installing steel roofs, for example. Color-coated GreenCoat® steel products are currently the market’s most eco-aware options for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

The GreenCoat® solution used in product coatings features a bio-based technology (BT) in which a substantial amount of the traditional fossil components have been replaced with a bio-based alternative. In other words, unlike in traditional coatings, the bio-based solvent remains a permanent part of the end coating, thereby making it eco-friendlier and also reducing the release of volatile harmful substances into the air.

For further information, please contact:
Antti Markkula, Product Development Manager, SSAB Europe,
antti.markkula @, tel. +358 40 868 7543