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Strenx® and Hardox® steels provide more load for Acoplados Salto’s trailers

Since Acoplados Salto started to use SSAB’s Strenx® performance steel and Hardox® wear plate in the trailers it manufactures, customer satisfaction has increased considerably. Acoplados Salto has seen a 30 percent boost in sales, and demand keeps growing.

For half a century, trailer manufacturer Acoplados Salto has been known for the quality of the trailers it builds in its factory in Salto, Argentina, situated in the countryside a three-hour drive from Buenos Aires. Seven years ago, the company started to use SSAB steel for the trailers, and the move has been a huge success.

“Acoplados Salto uses hot-rolled and cold-rolled Strenx steel and Hardox wear plates in the trailers,” says Sergio Andriano, plant manager at Acoplados Salto. “Thanks to the wide range of SSAB products, all our needs are satisfied. As a result of using SSAB lightweight steel we have gained new clients who are enthusiastic about the material. We have increased our sales by 30 percent.”

Andriano has been with Acoplados Salto for 24 years and is familiar with the history behind the success. The company has always been known for the quality of its products. The company started out making trailers and then expanded into a wide variety of other products for industries such as oil, agribusiness and transportation, including semitrailers, curtain side trailers, hopper wagons and flatbed trailers.

"Thanks to the wide range of SSAB products, all our needs are satisfied."

Sergio Andriano, plant manager at Acoplados Salto

“The use of SSAB materials gave us the advantage of being able to produce lightweight units,” Andriano says. “The lightweight material from SSAB has enabled us to reduce the weight of our units by 1,800 to 2,000 kilograms (4,000 to 4,400 pounds), depending on the product. This has translated into a greater load capacity for our clients.”

Nowadays, clients are asking for lightweight materials so that they can carry heavier loads. This was given a boost in 2018 from a legislation that permits heavier loads on Argentina’s roads. Compared with a few years ago, customers can carry much heavier loads, which increases productivity and efficiency – the lighter the trailer is, the more products it can carry.

Juan Manuel Pierce, head of design department at Acoplados Salto, has been part of developing the new lightweight products. He says one of the main advantages of using SSAB materials is their reduced weight and high level of safety. Even though the material is lightweight it is robust and do not crack when in contact with hard surfaces or harsh conditions, making them safer for heavier loads.

“The use of Strenx 700MC and 700CR as well as Hardox 450 has helped us achieve a product that is highly resistant to wear and tear while at the same time reducing thickness,” Pierce says. “The best properties of the SSAB steel enable us to improve the design of our products.”

Since December 2017, Acoplados Salto has been a member of the My Inner Strenx® program. One advantage is the advice provided by SSAB about the possibilities of the different materials.

“Through My Inner Strenx we have integrated new knowledge about the SSAB materials to constantly improve our production,” Pierce says. “The help and support we receive from SSAB includes technical advice on how to use the material, soldering, welding, cutting it and bending it.”

Andriano also sees another advantage to being a member of My Inner Strenx® program, namely that the company receives the material it needs on time and in the form desired.

“We always have sufficient stock to make the number of units that we require,” Andriano says. “This means that our units are produced under perfect conditions. Also, the customers see it as added value. Having the My Inner Strenx logo on our units represents quality products. It’s something the client values, knowing that the unit is made with SSAB lightweight material. They know its qualities.”

The future for Acoplados Salto is to continue along the same path, maintaining the quality and reputation of the brand, meeting the needs of the market in accordance with new legislation.

“That is our path, continuing to prioritize product quality,” Andriano says. “The use of Strenx and Hardox steels enables us to continue along that path. Quality above all – that's our company's motto.”

About Acoplados Salto

  • Trailer manufacturer Acoplados Salto was founded in 1965.
  • Its facilities in Salto, Argentina, cover more than 40,000 square meters (430,000 square feet), including 15,000 square meters (160,000 square feet) of factory buildings.
  • The company produces different types of trailers, semitrailers, curtain side trailers, hopper wagons and flatbed trailers mainly for transport of bulk cargo.


SSAB steel used in Acoplados Salto products

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