At SSAB in Oxelösund, we’re taking the first steps towards building a sustainable and, in the longer term, fossil-free society. This means that we’re converting production from using coal and iron to a solution that will in the short term reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 90 percent and in the long term will result in the manufacture of fossil-free steel. We are intending to replace our blast furnace process with scrap-based steel production using an electric arc furnace.
What we’ll be doing in Oxelösund is replacing blast furnaces and coking plants with an electric arc furnace. An electric arc furnace can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. One thing needed in this complex change facing Oxelösund is a more powerful electricity supply for the electric arc furnace. The Oxelösund plant will also need natural gas to replace the coking gas and blast furnace gas currently used for heating in various process stages.
We can start to close down one of the blast furnaces in only six years, if all goes to plan. Once conversion is completed, carbon dioxide emissions in Södermanland will be halved. It feels great to be part of this process of change and to work for the good of the climate! 
My name is Sari Heikkinen and I work as Communications Manager at SSAB Oxelösund. I’m also the managing editor of a new magazine about sustainability – Klimatsteget. Klimatsteget is a magazine that we at SSAB Oxelösund are producing together with the Port of Oxelösund, and it’s about our transition. 
Now that we’re converting our production process, we need new solutions and new ideas. There's a lot happening at the same time, and it’s difficult to maintain an overview. After a visit to LKAB last summer, I picked up the idea of producing a magazine. LKAB has been publishing  a magazine for many years about subjects including the social transformation in Kiruna. 
Every edition of Klimatsteget will feature a time line showing how far we have come in the transition project and what will be happening in the years ahead. I meet so many climate activists every day who work to create the smallest possible environmental footprint, now and in the future. We plan to tell you about this in the new magazine. 

I hope that the new magazine will make it clear that SSAB and the Port of Oxelösund are working flat out for a fossil-free future, and that we’re all onboard for an incredibly exciting sustainability expedition!