On bare Swedish Bohus cliffs in full exposure to everything that the winds from the ocean bring along, stands lined up wooden posts and reminiscent of fish drying devices. But here you will find thousands of solid-walled samples, many really colorful, which is a strong contrast to with the blue sea and the gray rocks.

The test station at Bohus-Malmön is run by Swerea KIMAB, while the Finnish HAMK (Häme University of Applied Sciences) is responsible for the reading and documentation. SSAB receives ongoing information on how the painted steel samples respond to weather and wind, but occasionally visit the station to study the tests themselves and acquire additional knowledge.

All color coatings are tested according to applicable Europe standards. For example, different thicknesses of the paint layers and different formulations of the color systems.
- Each sample gets a small dent and a scratch that goes down to the galvanization. It is made to expose the material to greater strain. Then, the amount and spread of blisters that occur in the paint continuously measures the amount of moisture and salt attacking the samples, explains Michael Olofsson, Technical Development Manager for GreenCoat® at SSAB.

The development of samples is carefully monitored and gives a clear picture of how resistant the coating is over time. All new coatings are always tested in climate chambers and exposed 5 years in real environment before launch.
- Due to stress and competition, many other manufacturers of building components relied solely on the accelerated tests. But experience has shown that no accelerated tests hit reality, "says Mats Sjögren, technical support at SSAB.

SSAB has tested paint coatings at Bohus-Malmön for over 40 years, which means that there is a solid knowledge of the systems currently used for GreenCoat®.

The test station is a very important source of knowledge and quality assurance for SSABs color coated steel, GreenCoat®. Customers interested in knowing more are welcome to contact SSAB tech Support for guiding and education on Bohus-Malmön.

Image: Bohus Team

From left:

Asmo Nieminen, Technical Development Manager,
Juha Nuutinen Business Development,
Jouni Rättyä Senior Cross Product Manager,
Hämäläinen Senior Technical Development Manager,
Jari Romppanen Technical Development Manager.

In the front Mats Sjögren Technical Development Manager
Michael Olofsson Technical Development Manager