SSAB Hardox Wearparts Global Conference

"We have received very good feedback from customers who appreciated not only the knowledge and experience shared, but also the commitment that everyone at SSAB has shown. Their comments were that we managed to create the family feeling that we aimed for. The workshop and mill tour visits are always incredibly appreciated and the opportunity to see where Hardox is manufactured. The fact that we can showcase the work of our staff creates an even higher value" said Nancy Matos, who was responsible for the conference.

Between the sessions, customers were asked various questions and were able to answer with their phones. One of the questions was what they thought was the best thing about Hardox and the majority responded that it is the quality of the material.

After the conference, customers will be contacted to see what ideas and solutions they will implement to develop and reach new business opportunities.

"It's a lot about upgrading to the higher Hardox grades to increase service life, but we also want to expand, together with customers, into new industries such as steel and recycling. In addition, we are working to encourage customers to use the Hardox Wearparts extranet where there is a lot of tools and support for upgradeing and business development” explains Matos.

Facts about the Hardox Wearparts network
Hardox Wearparts is a global network that offers wear solutions for high productivity and increased service life. The network has grown rapidly in recent years and today, 450 centers worldwide are part of it. Some Hardox Wearparts centers are owned by SSAB, but about 80% are privately owned. The centers receive marketing and technical support from SSAB's global organization, while maintaining a strong local focus, which allows them to address customer needs more efficiently.