“Common challenges for an autonomous vehicle are other traffic and weather conditions. Sensible 4 automation system has been tested in harsh Finnish winter conditions and it's based on tens of years of research and on multiple outdoor mobile robot applications”, tells Harri Santamala, CEO, Sensible4.

SSAB has delivered mainly Docol Tubes for the project.  Docol Tube 780 and Docol Tube 980 have been delivered in square and circular shapes. Also Docol Tube 700 LA have been delivered for the bottom parts of the frame. There is lot of circular shapes in the steel frame of the bus, which requires good bendability on the precision tube. Total weight of the bus is only 2 000 kg, which makes it necessary to minimize the weight of the steel tubes as much as possible. Thanks to the high strength steel tubes, it was possible to minimize the weight of the frame.

alGo automated test vehicles are now open for public in piloting areas in Finland, also in Hämeenlinna during August.

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The test vehicle was named "Juto", which means a sleigh pulling reindeer