Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is a municipal body, which produces waste management and water services, as well as providing information on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and environment. HSY supplies high-quality drinking water for over one million inhabitants throughout the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. HSY builds and repairs the water pipe and sewer network.

SSAB’s delivery content included 2000 m of coated DN800 water pipes and fittings.

The total length of the water supply networks in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is 3,000 kilometres. Around 450 kilometres of this is taken up by the main supply network, which conducts water to water towers and large consumption centres. 40 kilometers of these water mains have been placed into the rock tunnels as the district heating network , in a joint project with Helen.

Personnel from HSY, Helen and SSAB visiting the rock tunnel.

HSY installed 2000m ofSSAB’s DN800 coated steel pipes during 2016-2017 into the rock tunnel Pasila-Sörnäinen. Main goal for this water mains project was to get higher reliability level and more water capacity.

SSAB was able to make tailored products and deliver coated pipes by truck quickly and just in time taking into account any changes with products and delivery time during the project.

SSAB’s delivery content included 2000 m of coated DN800 water pipes and fittings. Delivery consisted of 16 m long pipes (4 tons in weight) and pipe fittings to the site. All pipes and pipe fittings are externally and internally coated. Externally 3 mm and 6 mm HDPE-coating and internally cement mortar lining were used to ensure very long lifetime against corrosion.

HSY has new plan to continue it’s rebuilding of water mains in Pasila rock tunnel from summer 2018 with SSAB’s coated steel pipes and fittings.