One customer segment using a lot of premium steel products is the automotive industry and SSAB has invested a lot in offering steel grades for various purposes. But premium products have a key role in our target to grow in many other segments too.

“SSAB’s premium steel offering consists of two pillars, one aimed at the automotive segment with Docol® products and one for other key segments where we have a multi-offering with many different brands and products. We have packaged premium products into brand families depending on how they bring value to the market and the different segments. Our branded products should reveal the true value and help customers to understand what premium really means,” says Matts Nilsson, Head of SSAB Europe Market development.

What is premium?

“SSAB has set clear lists of the product features that premium encompasses. Firstly, I would say that it means customer value. Premium products make our customers’ production more efficient and eventually make their end-products more attractive on the market. Secondly, premium means guaranteed product quality - tighter tolerances, improved material properties, like better surfaces or low residual stresses. And thirdly, it means that our technical support is included in all our premium products,” continues Matts Nilsson.

All premium products deliver improved performance, creating higher value in use. In addition, our premium products are designed to deliver sustainable environmental benefits compared to standard products.

Premium product families

SSAB Laser® is optimized steel for laser cutting. This means higher yield and less problems in automated processes at our customers’ cutting facilities – with narrow and consistent dimensional tolerances, optimized surface for laser cutting, guaranteed flatness both before and after laser cutting. Through certified distribution partners, we provide SSAB Laser® with short lead times and high availability to end customers.

GreenCoat® is a sustainable color-coated steel. Thanks to our patented Bio-based Technology with Swedish rapeseed oil as the base for the paint, we offer an environment-friendly, long-lasting product for roofs and facades. GreenCoat® is also the architects’ new favorite color-coated material.

SSAB Boron hardenable steels are optimized for products that require complex forming in combination with high wear resistance and strength. The new SSAB M43 steel mainly for agricultural purposes can be quenched in plain water without an immediate need for tempering, and still reaches exceptionally high values for hardness and impact strength. Simplification of the process saves time, energy and CO2.

SSAB Multisteel creates value early on in the chain. The material is specified to match several standards on the market, meaning that distributors can keep less material in stock and still be able to meet more of their customers’ demands. SSAB Multisteel is currently offered only in Finland, but we are growing the offering in other European countries.