A family business based in western Turkey, Coskunlar has been providing wear parts to mines, recycling plants and machine manufacturers since the 1970s. The wear parts are made from Hardox wear plates, and typical applications include wear parts for mobile and fixed equipment in mines, recycling knives and screens, chutes for ceramic plants and cutting edges for buckets. 
In 2013, Coskunlar was named an official Hardox Wearparts Center. Halil Coskun, Sales & Business Development Manager, says being part of the Hardox Wearparts network has enabled Coskunlar to improve its standard of service.

“The training we’ve received from SSAB has improved our knowledge of processing wear parts and wear applications in different industries,” he explains. “We can offer a better service to our customers and we’ve also gained business from other segments.”

As Coskunlar introduces more customers to improved quality and longer service life wear parts, its business continues to grow. As the only Hardox Wearparts Center in its region, Coskunlar now supplies almost all the gold mines in Turkey.

Coskunlar has worked with SSAB to upgrade the wear parts used by its mining customers. By introducing its customers to products made of Hardox 550, Hardox 600 and Hardox Extreme, which weigh less and offer longer service lives than their previous wear parts, downtime has been reduced successfully. SSAB supported Coskunlar in this project, providing 3D laser scanning that made it possible to ensure correct dimensions of the equipment used down to a minuscule degree of accuracy.

“As a Hardox Wearparts Center, we’ve become aware of higher quality wear products, and that has enabled us to solve many of our customers’ wear-related issues,” adds Ömer Coskun, General Manager, Coskunlar. “When our experience and knowledge isn’t sufficient, we can count on SSAB to support us to deliver a higher-quality, faster service.”

Hardox Wearparts


About Coskunlar
• Founded in 1970
• Operates two plants in Usak, western Turkey
• Member of Hardox Wearparts network since 2013
• Provides wear solutions to a customer base consisting of Turkish gold mines, recycling plants, marble quarries and ceramic plants




By Isabelle Kliger

This article has been published on SSAB World magazine’s issue 2/2017.