SSAB M43 includes a number of innovations in steel production. The chemical composition (patent pending) and unique rolling parameters provide outstanding workshop properties and performance of the final products.

SSAB M43 can be quenched in water instead of aqueous quenching fluids or oil for a cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly process. It saves energy and time in production and reduces CO2 emissions.

Heat treatment results in a fully martensitic, fine-grain microstructure with an unmatched hardness to toughness ratio. SSAB M43 can reach 3 times higher toughness than a medium alloyed chrome-vanadium or chrome-molybdenum steel. Typical hardness and toughness values are 58 HRC and 25 J/cm2 at +20°C.

For even greater toughness, low-temperature tempering is enough to reach > 30 J/cm2 with hardness still at a level of 56 HRC. Shearing, blanking and piercing can be executed without a risk of micro-cracking, thereby avoiding more time-consuming and expensive processing.

Photo text:

- Examination after shearing, flame cutting, punching and quenching in water confirms the performance of this revolutionary material.

- Technology expert Tommi Liimatainen and project manager Kati Rytinki proudly demonstrate one of the SSAB M43 test pieces.

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