BS Crane

BS Crane Co Limited is a Hong Kong-based company that manufactures truck knuckle boom cranes, marine cranes and related components, such as outriggers and buckets. Building trust in the relationship with the clients and always aiming to deliver the highest quality is what makes the company so successful. “We always strive to maintain and improve our product quality. At the same time, we are very keen on building long-term relationships with our clients,” says Raymond Lo, sales and marketing manager.

Last year BS Crane became a proud member of SSAB’s My Inner Strenx program, though they have been working with SSAB for 10 years. It was the first company in China to be a member. “We are delighted and proud to be a member because now our clients have an even stronger trust in our products,” says Lo.

The most recent challenge for BS Crane is the weight limitation allowed for cranes that are built on trucks and ships. “We have received feedback and requests from our customers to build larger cranes for heavy loads, which have proven to be very challenging to develop,” Lo says. “Thanks to SSAB’s high-strength materials, we have now managed to produce a crane that weighs less and can handle heavy loads. The crane will be delivered to us very soon.”

BS Crane has high ambitions for the future. “In five years, we want to make clients more aware of our brand and continue to build trust in our products. And in 10 years, we aim to double our crane production and continue to build our reputation as the provider who delivers the most cost-efficient cranes.”

About BS Crane
CEO: Peter Lo, who has worked in this industry for more than 30 years
Company founded: 1984
Number of employees: 280 split between two factories
Locations: Guangzhou and Fogang in Guangdong province, China
Main products: Cranes, cylinders, honed tubes and chrome-plated rods

By Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt
Photo: BS Crane