“We are extremely pleased about Vinnova's support, which will allow us to continue to develop the ecosystem for SSAB SmartSteel together with new research partners and companies,” says Eva Petursson, Head of R&D at SSAB.

The support for the ecosystem around SSAB SmartSteel should be seen as a part of the Government of Sweden's focus on digitization and new industrialization.

The idea behind SSAB SmartSteel is to make available information and instructions relating to any steel item, regardless of where it is produced. Each link in the chain can then utilize and accumulate information. This creates a basis for both the circular and platform economy. The result will be less waste than at present and improved productivity and flexibility.

The amount of information that accumulates in the entire production chain should facilitate the development of new services and accelerate and improve efficiency in product development at every stage. In addition, the accumulated information should make it possible for end users to ensure the quality, safety and durability of the product.

Continuing to invite customers and new partners

Vinnova’s support will enable the continued development of the ecosystem around SSAB SmartSteel. SSAB is collaborating initially with companies and organizations such as Sandvik Materials Technology, Swerea KIMAB, IBM, Siemens, Umeå University, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and FindIT. New collaboration partners may become involved later in the process. It is our firm conviction that the next generation's competitive advantages will be developed within a product's "ecosystem" and not necessarily within individual companies.

"In our view, the only way to develop this idea is through 'co-creation.' We think it is smart to collaborate and that everyone involved will gain from it. Therefore, we continue to be interested in coming into contact with additional collaboration partners. We have just begun to understand how SSAB SmartSteel can affect everyone in the value chain, and ultimately the society we live in as well,” concludes Eva Petursson.

For further information, please contact: Viktoria Karsberg, Head of Corporate Communications, [email protected], telephone: +46 72 233 5288