“I think we are doing a lot of good things when it comes to preventive safety work, but we still have too many lost time injuries. I think it is time to take a step back and look each other in the eye and promise ourselves and our colleagues, that now it is time to adopt a different behavior and start to work in a safe way,” said SSAB’s CEO Martin Lindqvist, who is also going to participate in safety rounds during this day.

Focus on safety audits

For the fourth time, worldsteel is highlighting safety in a global safety day. All member companies are encouraged to participate and, for example, to conduct safety audits during the weeks prior to April 28. The special focus this year is on five causes of accidents: moving machinery, falling from height, falling objects, on-site traffic and process safety incidents.

The aim is to increase awareness of the most common causes of serious accidents and to make workplaces even safer. The ultimate goal of the steel industry is to have no accidents at all. Worldsteel is calling on companies to involve all employees as well as contractors in this campaign, a total of more than four million people in the global steel industry.


A lot of safety activities within SSAB

At SSAB, wide-ranging work is taking place all the time to prevent accidents and to improve the general working environment. But in the weeks leading up to worldsteel’s Steel Safety Day extra measures have been carried out in many areas in order to highlight the fact that the entire steel industry is focusing on safety issues.

These include safety audits, meetings, presentations, videos and other training materials.
Take a look at the slide show with images from some of the activities.

Watch: SSAB´s CEO Martin Lindqvist talks about safety