We at SSAB are answering to the increased demand of life cycle assessments in the construction industry. SSAB provides environmental information in a form of environmental product declaration, which is prepared according to ISO EN 15804 and EN ISO 14025 and verified by a 3rd party. SSAB’s tubular product’s Environmental product declaration (EPD) includes Piles, structural hollow sections, precision tubes, line pipes and steel sections. All the SSAB’s Life cycle assessment (LCA) data is based on the actual manufacturing processes in Raahe Steel mill and tube mills.

Download here: SSAB Environmental product declaration

Figure 1. SSAB’s Life cycle assessment (LCA) data is based on the actual manufacturing processes in Raahe Steel mill and tube mills.

SSAB’s Tubular product’s EPD is undergoing final verification at EPD-Norway, and is set to be published in June. In the EPD-Norway registry the environmental information is provided in a standardized and objective way and the declarations must be verified by an approved independent verifier and approved by the Norwegian EPD Foundation. The declarations are created according to product specific Product group rules (PCR). In addition to the European standard EN 15804 requirements, the PCR requires that transport from production place to user (module A4) is included and the national electricity mix is used in the EPD. Further information can be found in the EPD’s. When SSAB’s final verification is completed, the EPD can be downloaded from SSAB's and EPD-Norway's websites.

SSAB’s steel piles are also included in the Swedish Byggvarubedömningen and Sundahus directories. In Swedish Byggvarubedömningen classification SSAB’s steel piles have been rated with the highest grade, ”Recommended”. In Swedish SundaHus SSAB’s steel piles have been rated with a value B (A-D), that is a product that does not cause risks on human health or the environment.


Steel in construction has many benefits which link to Green Building – structures are light, construction times are short and materials are extremely recyclable. We at SSAB offer relevant product data and instructions on how our solutions can help our customers achieve high ratings. SSAB has long accumulated expertise in environmental certification systems for buildings and the aim is to support customers to apply for certification. SSAB has knowledge and ability to support customers in environmental certification systems like LEED and BREEAM.