Innovative product design, high performance

The Hardox Tube 500 range of high-strength steel tubes offers the same hardness and toughness as Hardox wear plate but in tubular form. Just like the wear plate, the tubing provides outstanding performance in any applications that benefit from high wear resistance combined with a lighter product solution.

The high wear resistance of the tubes allows for a lighter product with a long service life. It can increase the competitiveness of certain products by extending their service life by two, five or ten times, or more.

Typical applications

You can use Hardox Tube 500 for transporting all types of abrasive materials, such as wet concrete, soil, gravel, and ore slurry.

Typical applications include

  • Pump trucks
  • Transport and handling of semi-fluids
  • Pipes transporting (ash, concrete, soil, gravel)
  • Pumping systems for wet concrete
  • Transport and handling of corn, cereal and other agricultural products
  • Machine digging and dredging equipment

In the workshop

You can machine Hardox Tube 500 and weld it using any conventional welding method for welding these steels to any type of weldable steel.

Dimensions and properties

The final properties are set after tube rolling and welding, which guarantees consistency as well as high hardness and toughness qualities, just like all Hardox products. Hardox Tube 500 complies with EN 10210 in terms of dimension tolerances and testing.

Hardox Tube 500 is available from stock in 30‑133 mm diameters and a range of wall thicknesses in 3-6 mm. Custom tubes in thinner materials and other diameters are also available upon request. For more information, read the data sheet or ask your local sales office for help.