Ramor armor steel is extremely strong and tough. In fact, Ramor 550 is six times harder and stronger than mild steel. By using an optimized alloy content together with a patented direct quenching process, high hardness and toughness can be achieved. 

Designed for applications requiring protection against explosions or ballistic threats, Ramor protection steels combine excellent ballistic properties with hardness and high strength. Tested and certified, Ramor 550 steel is ideal for armored vehicles, military vehicles and equipment, safe rooms and other applications that require structural weight savings without compromising on protection properties.

SSAB has even cooperated with customers to develop Ramor 550 for shooting range equipment.

5 good reasons to upgrade

  • Reduce weight without sacrificing protection qualities
  • Increase payloads
  • Attain better off-road capabilities
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Extend vehicle lifetime 

Type of threat Weight saving potential
Mild threats (3.0 - 6.5 mm) 10%
High threats (8.0 - 14 mm) 15% 

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