Welding of AHSS/UHSS Steel – A guide for the automotive industry, presents a detailed overview of the most common welding methods in the automotive industry: resistance spot welding, laser welding and arc welding. It provides a special focus on welding with UHSS, while revealing detailed test results and best-practice recommendations for both coated and uncoated AHSS/UHSS steels.

“Over the years, we have received a lot of questions about welding with AHSS/UHSS, because it differs from welding with mild steels,” explains Tony Nilsson, Principal Specialist Joining at SSAB. We decided that it was time that automotive manufacturers have access to a single, definitive and in-depth summary of all of the knowledge, research and parameters that we have recorded over the years.”

The Welding Guide for AHSS/UHSS steels is unique within the steel and automotive industry.

“The new welding guide is an example of SSAB’s drive to go beyond just offering steel to our customers. Since a welding guide for AHSS/UHSS steels does not currently exist on the market for the automotive industry, we at SSAB felt it necessary to develop a welding guide that will support our automotive customers and the market itself,” says Anke Meyer, Marketing Manager at SSAB EMEA.

The welding guide was developed by the SSAB Knowledge Service Center, an advanced technical support organization that supplies detailed expertise, knowledge and advice about AHSS/UHSS steels for the automotive business. The 80 page guide can be ordered on www.ssab.com/weldingguide. It is available to all automotive manufacturers and Tier suppliers, as well as to other industrial segments that are interested.

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1. Tony Nilsson, Principal Specialist Joining at SSAB Knowledge Service Center.

2. The new Welding Guide for AHSS/UHSS steels is unique within the steel and automotive industry.

3. Resistance spot welding is the most common method for joining AHSS/UHSS steel in the automotive industry.