Job alert

Interested in joining SSAB but can’t find a job opportunity matching your profile? Please feel free to create a job alert. With more than 300 positions at the company, we tend to have many exciting roles available. By creating a job alert, you will be notified about upcoming opportunities matching your specifications.

Creating a job alert

To create a job alert, please navigate to our job opportunities page and create a profile for your own personal account. When that is completed, you can use the filters listed on the left page. This will enable the button “Create an alert” where you can activate your job alert.

  1. Start by logging in to your profile and navigate to the main page where jobs are listed.
  2. Choose the filters that you wish to activate by ticking the box, for example you can add Country, City and Job area by check marking these filters.
  3. Name the job alert and choose whether you want the system to inform you with a daily or weekly frequency.
  4. Job alerts are active for 90 days from the creation date. You can delete the alert earlier by logging into your profile page or from the email you receive from the job alert.


This is how we process your personal data in our recruitment system.


Welcome with your application!