My Inner Strenx® community
My Inner Strenx® community

Drive the performance of your business

My Inner Strenx® aims to support the design and production of equipment that delivers outstanding performance. Becoming a member of My Inner Strenx® is a great way to ensure your company’s competitiveness by unleashing the full potential of Strenx® high-strength structural steel.

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Get the most out of your membership

The collaboration between members and SSAB is a key reason behind the many advantages that My Inner Strenx® brings to participating companies. Working together speeds up the development of new stronger and lighter equipment that addresses growing customer demands and sustainability requirements.

My Inner Strenx® member benefits:

  • Your customers know their equipment fulfils the highest quality standards
  • All My Inner Strenx® certified products have guaranteed traceability and authenticity
  • Your branded products that carry a My Inner Strenx® sign are easier to sell
  • My Inner Strenx® enables faster expansion to new markets
  • Your certified products are promoted online
  • Customers buying your equipment get a higher resale value
Technical support

Drive your expertise

Only you understand the performance requirements and customer expectations in your own business. As a My Inner Strenx® member, the additional expertise on steel design and manufacturing you’ll get from SSAB will optimize your products even more.

My Inner Strenx® member benefits:

  • Innovation support from SSAB Knowledge Service Center
  • Priority access to technical training and seminars
  • Design and manufacturing advice for high-strength steels
  • Support for business development

Technical support

High-strength steel that drives performance

The name Strenx® performance steel is a clear give-away that this steel is something more than ordinary steel. Strenx® is the strongest high-strength structural steel on the market, and it comes with guaranteed properties and tight tolerances.

My Inner Strenx® member benefits:

  • Priority access to the latest insights in high-strength steel
  • First-hand information on upcoming launches
  • Advice on the choice of most suitable grades
  • Recommendations for all kinds of Strenx® processing

Reach out to your customers

To get full advantage of your My Inner Strenx® membership, reach out to your current and potential customers and share the power of the sign of excellence. We support you with a wide range of information and communication tools only available to members, such as point of sales material, exhibition support, brochures, flags, customized roll-ups and e-banners.

My Inner Strenx® – a sign of excellent performance

Drive the performance of your equipment

The My Inner Strenx® sign confirms its members’ dedication to providing high-quality, high-performing and cost-efficient products. The sign may only be used on equipment that has been certified to meet the strictest standards of quality in design and fabrication.

Global recognition

The My Inner Strenx® program is widely recognized by customers around the world for quality products. The strength of our member community makes the program even more valuable. The more customers learn the value of certified products, the easier it is for members to stand out as trustworthy manufacturers of equipment that continues to drive performance.

Strenx® for transport equipment

Strenx® for transport equipment

The transport industry always needs to haul more load yet with higher fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. My Inner Strenx® certified transport equipment rises to meet this challenge.

Strenx® for lifting equipment

Strenx® for lifting equipment

My Inner Strenx® certified cranes and other lifting equipment are designed to utilize the high yield strength of Strenx® performance steel to achieve greater performance without compromising on the high levels of personal safety required.

Strenx® for agriculture equipment

Strenx® for agriculture equipment

High loading capacity and low weight are what’s needed in agriculture applications. Lighter and more productive equipment minimizes soil compacting on crop fields, uses less fuel and can work larger areas in less time.

Driving performance with My Inner Strenx® excavator boom by Kocurek


Demolition excavators from Kocurek reach above and beyond with Strenx® steel

"We are very privileged to have been able to join the My Inner Strenx® program. It is reassurance to our customers that we are using the best quality materials, as well as the best quality processes and practices. The My Inner Strenx® logo makes it simple and straightforward – you look at a product and you know it’s approved.” Rebecca Kelly, after sales at Kocurek.

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