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Triel HT lightens their load, gains major savings in tank semitrailers

August 19, 2022 6 min read

A tank semitrailer with a chassis made in Strenx® 700MC structural steel.

Case details

Country Brazil
Company Triel HT
Industry Trailers and body builders

Here’s one way to fight rising input and maintenance costs: Do like Triel HT, who upgraded their chassis design and got 5% more load capacity – plus a lighter chassis, higher payload & greater revenues.

These days, most OEMs are looking for any innovative ways to keep costs down. Triel HT, a leading manufacturer of agro-industrial vehicles in Brazil and Latin America, specified Strenx® steel in a new chassis design for their 3-axle fuel tank semitrailer. The result? A 5% increase in load capacity – and major fuel and cost savings.

In their quest to trim costs while offering customers improved vehicle performance, Triel HT spearheaded a new chassis design to improve the load capacity of their 3-axle tank semitrailer. High-strength Strenx® 700MC steel played a major role in the development project, helping to generate impressive gains.

Case details

Country Brazil
Company Triel HT
Industry Trailers and body builders

A better solution for boosting load capacity

According to Elton Arenhart, manager of highway tanks engineering development at the company, the search for the new solution was triggered by the combination of market competition and their goal of excellence in liquid cargo transportation. 

“Previously, there was no concern about the weight of vehicles, because the costs of inputs were lower,”

- Arenhart says

”Over the years, prices have risen more than expected and we’ve looked for products to improve our equipment. In view of this, we started looking at increasing load capacity while making the chassis lighter.”

Customer benefits

  • 5% greater load capacity in tank semitrailer
  • Tare weight lowered by 2 tons
  • Innovative redesigned chassis allowed for weight reductions
  • Longer equipment service life

Higher payloads, lower costs for owners and operators

Conventional chassis on 3-axle tank semi-trailers can haul loads up to 35 tons. But after developing a new chassis made in Strenx® 700MC steel as well as a new aluminum alloy tank, Triel HT was able to shave two tons off the tare weight. In other words, a vehicle using the new tank trailer can now operate with a 37-ton net load capacity. 

This is a huge gain, according to Arenhart.

“This net load gain has enabled a five percent increase in revenue with the same axle configuration for the equipment. This five percent increase in load capacity helps offset input costs for things like diesel, tires and maintenance. For example, if the trailer makes four trips each month, then we achieve revenues upwards of 795 euros.”

The route is also a factor that must be taken into consideration, since the tank semitrailer operates empty until arriving to the loading destination. 

“Fuel is definitely being saved by having two tons’ less weight,” Arenhart explains. “The advantage is more evident when the fleet is bigger. With 18 units having 37 tons of capacity, we can save more than 14,000 euros per month, in addition to the increase in revenue.”

This means that the return on investment for owners and operators of Triel HT’s fuel tank semitrailer in Strenx® steel and aluminum alloy, compared with semis built using stainless steel and conventional alloys, is only ten months. 

Stronger, lighter & more innovative products

Developing the new chassis design was a quick process with no surprises. The project also revealed the quality of the raw material, as Triel HT’s director Marciano Dalla explains.

“It’s possible to develop innovative products using SSAB’s high-strength steels,” he says. "We understand the advantages of Strenx® 700MC and use steel to produce stronger and lighter products. With this, we benefit from weight reduction, improved performance and longer equipment life. In addition, we have SSAB’s Technical Support, who share services, knowledge, resources and best practices for the projects.”

“The work done with the semitrailer demonstrates that we’re on the right track and are making our customers happy, because we deliver products that will perform their function regardless of the situation.”

About Triel HT

Throughout its 70-year history, Triel HT, part of Randon Companies, has developed transportation solutions and built a global presence in more than 120 countries. Based in Brazil, the company is a leader in the trailer and semitrailer, auto parts and financial services sectors. It manufactures a wide range of trailers and semitrailers, truck bodies, railway wagons and other transportation equipment.

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